Pencil + Photos. Another Part
From our previous collections found only one piece - THIS IS THIS! :

Miniature Machines 
It would seem that such a trailer for the car? the most prosaic and dull. However, even it can be approached with imagination and a sense of identity, proof of which - the 16 trailers in the form of miniature cars, pictures of which we now bring to your attention.

Amazing Art 2012 
Person beslutat att göra sin konst-house installation av fasa. "Precis avslutat korridoren." 

Creative Bags and Pouches
If you try, even an ordinary shopping bag can become the center of attention of others.
See the photo collection of cool bags and packages ...

Idiots on Ice
On the ice to thaw out a few people and was happy to jump from ice floe to ice floe.
The worst thing is that the water came the children, and mothers with emotion looking at everything going on.

Flower Shoe Clips

Funny Crime
ZPredstavte that you climb into his apartment, and right on the stairs lies a man who stuck to a giant knife. But do not frown, it is not about this knife, and his huge cardboard copies. Using such a fun knife Marie Lujan and Wolfgang Krug - a company of the two artists was playing passers-by on the streets of Berlin.

A Strong Man - Barry West
Barry Vesta 35 years, and he was disabled.
When Barry was a teenager, he was in a terrible accident, which was badly damaged.Doctors could not bring him back to normal life.He had to come to terms with the fact that he can no longer
control the hands and feet, as before,and now it is his destiny - a wheelchair.But Barry West is not one of those who would give up,he continued to live and did not go in yourself. These people deserve respect.Also, I advise you to read:

Library on Wheels
One guy in Argentina has made a library on wheels.Anyone can come and take your favorite book.However, I do not know why he did it in the form of a tank :)

Auto Show 'Otomotor 2012'
In these days in Tel Aviv is hosting an international automobile exhibition "Automotor-2012". Tel Aviv dealer has been held for the 24th year. The show attracts a huge number of visitors to new products for the Israeli car market, limited-edition cars and prototypes:

Amazing Water Park

The City of Garbage
In Palermo the strike staged again, scavengers, and when finished the buzz, the garbage was not dismantled. Elementary, no equipment, no hands is not enough. Have fun over there.

Excellent Wrap a Gift
It should take note. Welcomed a baby gift packaging.

Sweet Breads
The creative series of photographs talented Australian photographer Jasmine Schuller. Ice cream, cakes and other desserts made ​​from the meat.

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