The Ceiling of Dandelions
Awesome installation did German artist Regin Ramzayer. It hung over the stems intact dandelions. At that she needed about 2000 flowers.

Creative Body Paint Art

Unusual Restaurant
The most unusual restaurant is Taiwanese Taipei. The situation is completely stylized toilet theme, from the seats, made ​​from toilet bowls, decoration and finishing of dishes. All the dishes look like a campaign not for small unitaziki, not in the bath. The interior is also filled with about a toilet theme. Well, for dessert, guests can order ice cream in the form of ...

Big Academic Theatre Prepares for Opening
After six years of restoration, one of the largest and most important in the world of Opera and Ballet
finally ready to open its doors to the audience.Now go to the last preparations for this important event, to which only a few days.Be sure to look at how Big Academic Theatre looks after a grand renovation.

Air Church
 This transparent church was built in Limburg . Depending on your vantage point, it may seem a solid monolith, and can become completely transparent.

Salt Mines in Poland
Several centuries in the Polish mine was mined salt.Mine grew, and shortly after its closure, it was open for tours.Truly amazing stuff can be found in this deep cave.

International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition 2011
In the military airport of Seoul Seongnam October 18 opened the International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition 2011. The exhibition will showcase new military vehicles and aircraft manufacturing companies working on defense.

Amazing Minced Enthusiasts
Dasiya Pearson from the U.S. visited several U.S. slaughterhouses and made ​​a series of photographs. According to statistics, in the U.S. annually slaughtered more than 100 million cows, pigs and sheep, as well as five billion poultry.

Children of politicians

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Children of politicians
Children of politicians, Last month, the governor of Missouri's 21-year-old son was charged with possession. He's not the only politician's kid to be accused of breaking the law. Whether it's DUIs, drugs, battery, sexual misconduct or smuggling illegal immigrants, we look at some past misdeeds committed by politicians' children.

Kelly Osbourne Christina Aguilera
Kelly Osbourne Christina Aguilera, Kelly Osbourne sure holds a grudge. On E!'s Fashion Police Friday, the 26-year-old slammed Christina Aguilera for her weight. "She called me fat for years," Osbourne said. "I was never that fat."
Osbourne was criticizing Aguilera's performance look at last weekend's Michael Jackson Tribute Concert. The 30-year-old paired a pantsless ensemble with fishnet tights, heavy makeup and supersized hair.

But Ozzy's daughter wasn't the only cohost to attack Aguilera's figure. "Lady Marmalade got into the peanut butter again," Joan Rivers sniped.

The Dark Knight Rises to film at Occupy Wall Street protests 
The Dark Knight Rises to film at Occupy Wall Street protests - According to production sources, The Dark Knight Rises will include footage from the Occupy Wall Street protests.

We're not entirely sure what the anti-capitalist movement has to do with a 250 million dollar movie featuring a billionaire who spends his spare time beating up poor people (and supervillains), but we're sure it'll be very exciting.

Christopher Nolan's crew arrives in New York on Oct. 29 to film. They've filed for permits under code name Magnus Rex in the area the protests are taking place.

Obama not a fan of the Kardashians
Obama not a fan of the Kardashians, He may have his finger on the pulse of crises around the world, but Barack Obama has no interest in keeping up with the Kardashians.

Which is probably a very good thing.

Speaking at a roundtable interview with, First Lady Michelle Obama was asked about her children’s television viewing habits. She doesn’t allow TV or computer screens during the week unless it’s for school, but she and the girls do like to get in some tube time over the weekends. The Kardashians’ flagship show, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” just so happens to run on Sunday night, which doesn’t exactly thrill the first dad. obama kardashians, keeping up with the kardashians,

Crashes drop with BlackBerrys out
Crashes drop with BlackBerrys out, According to data released last week by NYPD, distracted drivers were the leading cause of city traffic crashes in August. Of 16,784 incidents, 1,877 were attributed to “driver inattention/distraction,” while an additional 10 were linked specifically to phones or other electronic devices.

While NYPD reports make it impossible to decipher exactly how many city drivers are texting or talking before a crash — we’ll go out on a limb and assume it was more than 10 — the recent BlackBerry service outage in Europe, Africa and the Middle East served to illustrate the extent of the problem in two cities. The National reports:

Threatening statements blocked police officer chicago "ashley biden"
Threatening statements blocked police officer chicago "ashley biden", The White House was plunged into turmoil Saturday as an explosive video emerged allegedly showing Vice President Biden's daughter snorting cocaine at a Delaware house party.

The shocking video of Ashley Biden, 27, was shot this year and is being peddled for $250,000, a lawyer representing the seller told

Amazing Great Pictures

Creative Jewelry with Diamonds
Unique and most beautiful jewelry with diamonds.

Spider, Made of Twisted Balloons
Twisting - a simulation of various shapes of special balloons by twisting them. A citizen named Adam Lee in this case, the pros - he was able to "twist" giant spider. Figure noted in the Guinness Book as the biggest of all ever made of balloons. It's a record! In his work, Adam Lee used 3000 balloons

Skyscraper Competition
In 2010 a competition was held skyscrapers - Skyscraper Competition from the magazine eVolo. Among the winners were Mexican architects ,who proposed to build a skyscraper underground.

A Homemade Rocket that Traveled
Some guys have built their own rocket that could fly to outer space! Forces and resources have been spent a lot, and missiles found on board a special camera. Launch is successful, but the flight has exceeded all expectations.

Exhibition of Computer Games 2011
 Yesterday already opened the sixth exhibition of computer games Igromir 2011, which will run until October 9. This year, the major difference lies in the fact that the show is not in the familiar and breed pavilion 57 at ENEA and at the Crocus Expo. The reason for the move, I do not know, but I will say that I liked more than VVC.

Sculptures of Auto Parts

Cars made of strange stuff

Igromir 2011, Girls
"Igromir 2011" - officially the most relaxed game show in the world. Such a concentration of beautiful "poster girl" for one square meter not found anywhere else: look at least at the pictures!

Fastival Burning Man in 2011
Once a year, tens of thousands of participants will gather at Black Rock Desert in Nevada in order to create Black Rock City, on the value of art, self-expression and self-confidence. A week later, the city is not a trace remains. Attempts to explain what art festival Burning Man to those who have never been on it, somewhat reminiscent of the attempts to explain how a particular color looks like a man blind from birth. To understand this event, it is necessary to participate. Burning Man - the embodiment of a singular culture, based on ten principles

Interesting work of Debra Hampton

Cops say parents locked boy in coffin
Cops say parents locked boy in coffin, Police were searching on Tuesday for a couple accused of punishing their 7-year-old son by forcing him to wear a diaper and locking him in a coffin in the basement of their Pennsylvania home.
Neighbors called police after they heard the boy crying from inside the house in Scranton on September 26, said police Detective Captain Al Leoncini.

Police found the boy sitting in a doorway of the basement, upset and wearing a diaper, he said. The boy told police he was crying because he was hungry.

Jolie takes new UN role

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Jolie takes new UN role
Jolie takes new UN role, She has been a goodwill ambassador for the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees for over ten years and during that time she has brought up her brood and made some killer hit films.

But it appears that Angelina Jolie,36, just can't say no to taking on new projects and is set to take on a new role in the refugee crises.
It appears that the mother-of-six will now take become a Special Representative and will work with governments of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran on the refugee issue. Jolie takes new UN role,

Toy House for Children from Wealthy Families
 Toy house for children of firm Lilliput Play Homes, whose headquarters is located in Finleyville, Pennsylvania - a new popular entertainment for the kids, which will cost parents between $ 19 999 dollars . All houses - these are real houses in miniature, with luxurious interiors, fully furnished, some even carried the electricity and air-conditioned.

Celebrities married non-celebrities
Celebrities married non-celebrities, When megastar Paul McCartney marries fiancee Nancy Shevell, an executive of a New Jersey-based transportation company, they'll join a long list of celebrities who marry lesser-known people.

World record set for largest nachos
World record set for largest nachos, “Nachos are a popular corn based food of Mexican origin associated with Tex-Mex cuisine that can be either made quickly to serve as a snack or prepared with more ingredients to make a full meal. In their simplest form, nachos are tortilla chips or totopos covered in melted cheese and salsa. First created circa 1943 by Ignacio "Nacho" Anaya, the original nachos consisted of fried corn tortillas covered with melted cheddar cheese and pickled jalapeño peppers.Nachos were originated in the city of Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico, just over the border from Eagle Pass, Texas, (It is said that it was first made in Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila, Mexico) at a restaurant called the Victory Club, owned by Rodolfo De Los Santos. One day in 1943, the wives of ten to twelve U.S. soldiers stationed at Fort Duncan in nearby Eagle Pass were in Piedras Negras on a shopping trip, and arrived at the restaurant after it had closed for the day. World record set for largest nachos, World record nachos, ninety nine restaurants massachusetts, 3999 pound nachos, largest nachos 3,555 ,

Forgotten Landers
Coiled or suborbital vehicles - this is a capsule, which delivered from space to Earth records recording equipment and astronauts.This hangar stored broken-down vehicles who peacefully live out his life.

Aggressive Original Cakes
 On the one hand are cute, but on the other hand is very aggressive original cakes Scott Hove.

GUM and its Inhabitants

Robotics and Intelligent Systems
International Conference on Robotics and Intelligent Systems  opened in San Francisco, California, USA. The main theme of the conference, which takes place from 25 to 30 September are humanoid robots. The conference is scheduled interactive presentations and symposiums on the fiftieth
anniversary of robotics.

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