Creative Cars Art

Airbrush on a Motorcycle
Handyman friend from Kiev painted plastic Suzuki Bandit 1250.Enjoying the process and that eventually happened.

Design Covers for Cars_Files

Cars with the Exhibition 2011
In the IEC "Crocus Expo" exhibition was opened car "Interauto 2011."It presents a variety of models.
Let's look at some of them.

Giant fish on the Polish-Ukrainian Border
On the border between Poland and Ukraine, "wound up" giant green fish ... Their creator, the Polish artist Jaroslaw Kozyara wanted to show the symbolism of the border between the states.

Amazing Wood Art

A New form of Entertainment
In a fashion is a new form of entertainment called Horsemaning.

Creative and fun cakes 2011

Masters of Art 2011
The names of the most virtuous and just beginning Russian artists, depicting three-dimensional drawings on the pavement.

Creativy of the old trailer FUNHIGHT

Amazing Strange Funeral
Cars for those who want to stand out, going to rest.

Hotel with Views of the Cosmos
The Russian company "Orbital technology" is going to create a hotel in Earth orbit at an altitude of 350 kilometers from the surface.

Creativity of Computer Junk
How to give the old computer junk a new life.

Necklaces from Barbie
I think Barbie dolls knows and remembers everything.But in this form, I see these dolls for the first time.Designer Margaux Lange presented a wonderful necklaces and jewelry pieces from the famous dolls.

Good as Gold Gadgets

The most Unusual Repperskie Chain

BMW of Lego

Interesting Sculpture

Amber Room in Riga
Not many know that in Riga has its own Amber Room. Strictly speaking, it would be strange if the Baltic States, home of amber, had no such room. It is located in Old Riga, near the ancient monastery courtyard, next to the oldest stone structure of the cityFruits of amber, silver and gold.

Stimpankovye Men

 Very nice collection of stimpankovye men.

Good work in photoshop.

In Melbourne, held a protest against child beauty contest, organized by the American company to produce a reality show, "Kids and Tiaras» (Toddlers and Tiaras). Several dozen people gathered outside the Town Hall Northcote Town Hall, where the qualifying round of the competition was held children's beauty. beauty contest for children called a lot of heated debate. Parents defend the right of their children, some of which barely one year old, to participate in this competition. Some experts, however, warn that the beauty contest - not a fitting event for these kids, and can conceive the negative consequences for child health.

I can Repair Anything

Auto Exotics  2011
At present an overview of exposure Autoexotics 2011.

Portraits of Bikers 2011
French photographer Sasha Goldberger has created a collection of photographs she met a biker.
Looks very cool.These people - not models, dressed in cool clothes biker, but the real owners of the iron horses.Very colorful.

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