Christmas Ships in California
 Bright and unusual parade.

Parade on Thanksgiving Day in New York
 More than 3 million Americans are on the streets of New York and more than 50 million TV screens in the audience were the traditional Thanksgiving Day parade held on Thursday 85 th time.The most striking and massive daytime show organized retail chain Macy's and signifies the beginning of the season of Christmas shopping. Because along with Santa Claus, favorite toys and drummers in a costume parade involving numerous entertainers in costumes in the form of gift packs and pouches.

The Dress of Human Hair: 95-Pound costume Designer
Human hair - great stuff: a warm and relatively easy. Unless, of course, do not overdo it and create something monumental works like an English Thelma Medin. Cooperate with Liverpool beauty salon "Voodoo" , she created a bright wedding dress izchelovecheskih hair, which weighs 95 pounds! Above, along with 12-petticoats almost 2 weeks conjured a team of 8 people.

Bottoms Up- Pictures Cool Beer Ads.
 Beer is the world’s most widely consumed and probably oldest alcoholic beverage, it is the third most popular drink overall, after water and tea. The brewing industry is a global business, consisting of several dominant multinational companies and many thousands of smaller producers ranging from brewpubs to regional breweries. More than 133 billion liters are sold per year producing total global revenues of $294.5 billion in 2006. Imagine that.How do the breweries fight amongst themselves? With advertising. Not with flavor, not with taste, with advertising.

Remedies Egyptian Protesters
In Egypt, now excitement, but I'm not going into details vdatsya.I want to show you, helmets and other protective Egyptian protesters who try to escape from injuries.Who wears a bucket on his head, and someone from packing eggs, while others hide behind the boards and torn branches.

Hundred Of Photographs In One
The French-Swiss photographer Corinne Vionnet has in its draft “Photo Opportunities” an amazing journey through the world, guiding us through his best-known monuments, visited every year by thousands of tourists. It is the aggregation of hundreds of photos found on the Internet and the overlay of the same resulting effect this impressionistic and almost three-dimensional in each place.

Unusual Tattoos

Unique and Colorful Tiles

Best Friends - a Python and a Boy
 In Cambodia, for several years as a family, lives a boy and a huge python.This story began long ago, when my father babywho was only 3 months, found himself at home python.The owner did not kill the snake, and carefully took the snake back into the woods.But the python returned the next day and again was sent to his "home".History repeated itself a third time.It was decided to leave the snake as a pet.Indeed, the python is not a dog or cat:)The snake can easily swallow a boy or any family member,but it does not, behaving docile in the house.The child says that he lived with her ​​as a brother and sister.

American Roller Coaster
Actually, looking at the structure from a distance, not entered any up to date a man decides that to him the most usual roller coaster - an attraction for fans to tickle your nerves, for people with good vestibular system. But it would be wrong, because in Crouching Tiger and Turtle, Magic Mountain not travel at high speed wagons - a ladder!

Launch of the Spacecraft 2011
On Wednesday, Russian manned spacecraft "Soyuz-TMA-22" with members of the new space mission on board successfully docked with the International Space Station.

Work at the Mine in Guatemala
A huge dump in Guatemala, which locals call "mine"is a source of income for the survival of dozens of people.Every day they go to work, digging the endless mountains of garbage in search of scrap metal.

Panamanian Cyclists
On the streets of Panama can be found cyclists who decorate their two-wheeled steeds.To secure the bikes all found homes, ranging from audio systems, and to religious symbols.

Night Club - the Japanese Way
New city night club in the center of Tokyo is a bright defiance of modern youth in contrast to the modern culture of top fashion.The design was developed by students of the design school under the university in Pennsylvania.

Treasures of Trevi
 The municipality of Rome from time to time, make clean the famous Trevi Fountain - shovel it out coins thrown by tourists "for luck." The procedure is done under the supervision of the carabinieri, the leading strict account of trifles. For according to the special order of each coin is community property, it is worth it to touch the bottom of the fountain. Belief that the tourist who donated the coin to Neptune, would return to the Eternal City, Rome, makes a good cashier. Cleaners take out annually from the fountain of hundreds of thousands of euros. Long since the funds raised were sent to the charity. But this time, the power of Rome have decided to spend it on needs of the city.

Amazing Zombies

Anything from Fighter to Comedy
Women's legs in the foreground. Genre can be anything from fighter to comedy. But for the comedy still preferable.

Fail Landings Plane
 A compilation of fail landings.Sometimes fails happens with planes too.

Stylish Older People
It is interesting to look at older people who look quite stylish!Well done, because they do not grow old soul.

Most Futuristic Concept Laptop
World of technology is always exciting and unpredictable. He is constantly in flux. Thirty years ago, nobody thought that today, everyone will need a personal computer. Twenty years ago, our parents and could not even dream about a small, portable PCs, which we now call the laptop. After some time, came into use thousands of laptop models of all sizes, but no one knows what will happen next. All that remains for us - is to look to the future with this stamp 10 laptops of tomorrow - wonderful, exciting results of cutting edge technologies with fascinating properties.

The World of X-Ray

Masterpiece Entertainments
 Such expensive entertainments were very popular in the 18th and 19th centuries, and x-are masterpieces of ingenuity and skill.

Amazing Digital Portraits
Amazing drawings made on the computer.In digital artists instead of the canvas - the monitor screen, and hand them to replace the graphicale ditors.

World's largest gold coin minted

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World's largest gold coin minted
World's largest gold coin minted, Pining for something ridiculously expensive? Perhaps a blinged up iPad 2 or a posh camper? There's a single coin that can afford all those…and more. The world's largest gold coin was recently unveiled by the The Perth Mint in Australia to mark the opening of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. Weighing an astounding one ton (or 2204 lbs.), it is enormous not only in size, but also in value; the coin's value tops $57.34 million based on current gold prices.

Strong Men who Never give Up
Three stories of amazing people.They managed to rally his forces into a fist and move on after the terrible blows of fate.They teach us by example that it is not despair and give up.

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