Wall of Fame King Party
If you have accumulated a lot of beer cans and you feel so sorry for these trophies throw after parties,
You can decorate them my wall:)

Most Famous of Art
Barbie's most famous works of art

The Guy Like This
 Very unusual way to meet girls.

Tragedy while Celebrating
Fireworks to celebrate the New Year caused the fire,which covered more than 50 homes in the central part of Suphanburi.The fire killed four people, there are victims.The fire was the rocket that exploded too close to the ground.It is split into three parts deals that collapsed in a residential district of the city.

Shooting of the Pakistani Military
The radical Taliban movement, based in Afghanistan, issued a videotapewhich recorded the shooting of 15 military, who were captured by the Taliban in the last month.

Amazing Car Boot
This Bootmobile was created for promotions, the famous American firm on tailoring footwear. If we translate its size to the size of feet, you get 747!

Animal Love Bite
Zebras are not as cute as it may seem at first sight.The girl wanted to entertain a curious "horse", which looked into the window of the car.But the zebra was not to your taste hotels, and she decided to try the taste of the good girl's shoulder.

Wrold Most Old Queen
Time of the great European monarchies had passed. Today it is no more than a tribute to the old tradition. Significant political influence in the life of the state royal families in Europe have, in many countries and at all abolished. However, in several European countries monarchs are a lot of love from the public. Even with the parliament and democracy, people are also feeling the need for the sovereign. Let the contemporary monarchs are symbolic more than ever, people in the old wears them on his hands. Special affection for the Queen of the population use the old - "the mother of the glorious fatherland." The most famous of the still alive in this collection are:

1. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands

The most Beautiful Road
Imagine that you drive your car or motorcycle on these roads ... amazingly beautiful in this collection are pictures of the most beautiful roads that only exist on the planet.

Barack Obama and Phones
 A collection of phone Barack Obama.

Largest Fish Family of Sharks
The whale shark - the largest fish of the family of sharks.Unlike other species of sharks, it feeds exclusively on plankton,why Filipino fishermen are not afraid of them and fed directly from the hands.

Glamorous Sweater

Futuristic Calendar Splash 2012
You've probably already bought your calendar for 2012, but we suggest you also look at calendar of Splash. He released a limited edition, and, by tradition, took photos Tedzhelom Petni . Subject calendar - futuristic movies category "B".

New Year's Eve 2012
Meeting of the new 2012 worldwide celebrations accompanied, fireworks, fireworks, and folk festivals. In this collection of photographs from around the world. Let's see how celebrated the New Year in cities around the world.

Creative Photopictures
Happy New Year!

Crazy Heels
Israeli designer Kobi Levi shoes shakes her new collection.

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