In the picture you will see a picture that is obviously difficult to get. Here the eagle is hunting a flock of bats. It is a great picture where the eagle is frozen in time exactly when it is about to grab hold of its meal. Its wing span shows how big a bird it is and how powerful it can be.
The bats come out in large numbers for a lot of reasons and it is usually for feeding. Flying ants can be one of the reasons the bats are circling in any place. Their large numbers make them a easy target and predatory birds like the eagle in the picture will take full advantage of this. The flock in the picture has at least a hundred bats and are probably looking for a meal unaware that they could be one.

Interesting photos from the forge Bill Gates

Cartoons Photoshop

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Caricatures can be drawn not only pens and pencils, but in Photoshop

In California, conducted an unusual contest - to be caught with bare hands a toothy fish.
Togo, whom she bite during the exciting bustle behind it - a consolation prize in the form of kits and injections of rabies

Beautiful Coffee Art

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To date, there are so many all kinds of expensive transport the gold bike with bryulikami up huge ship with a bunch of all sorts of fancy lotions. There remains the question! Can you afford this kind of movement? If yes, then suggest you choose something suitable ... Good luck

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