Christmas Cards 2012
Congratulations to all visitors New 2012! Let the New Year be filled with all your desires, all good things will happen, inspiring and beautiful. Let this be a happy New Year!

Transparent Business Cards
Funny cards for companies.

Surprise for the Chief
From the author: "My boss went on holiday and we decided to decorate his office."

Christmas Tree Pasta
What do enikeyshikam before the New Year? Right-to invent themselves zamorochki, here and decided to sculpt the tree with his colleagues from the pasta, since we have a team tovarisch very rukastyy.Chto needed: pasta, candy M & M dance, paint all well and Melt.There will be 9 photos, about the end of soobschu.K "McPhee" relationships do not have, were found half-eaten pasta mice.

Amazing Evil Pig
One chef decided to make a gift to children of their neighbors, girls 5 and 7 years. He bought 10 pounds of marzipan and decided to make cool pig. But he got so carried away that the pig turned out not amusing, and pretty badass. So the children had to give something else.

Creative Christmas Market
After the end of the day almost all the employees are not home - and the traditional pre-Christmas market, where the river flows mulled wine and something a bit stronger. The Germans are not fools to eat and drink, but clearly know when they start to grow stupid.

Smallest Woman in the World
Jyoti Amge - 18-year-old student from India. She is known as the smallest woman now living in the world. It is officially registered in the Guinness Book of Records. Growth record holder is only 62.8 cm

Christmas Decorations 2011
Funny Christmas toys!

Fairy Houses the British Province
The tradition of thatched roofs is rooted in the mists of time. In the old thatched roofs in England were the most common. Even the famous London Theater "Globe", where the 17th century were premieres of plays by Shakespeare, was covered with straw.

Christmas Cake 2011
Engineers from Opera Software made ​​gingerbread, icing sugar, candy and 322 pounds of chocolate.
Do you think that they contrived all these products.

Goldfish with a Tattoo
In China, there is a new fashion.Now all hobbyists chase the goldfish with a tattoo on his side.Typically, the laser is applied to the scales hieroglyphics, which represent love, wealth and success.Animal-welfare advocates are sounding the alarm, they say that fish can not sustain such a stress, and soon dies.

Unique Dress of the Products
Korean artist rethought the functions of clothes and food, forcing the audience to feel the desire to eat at the same time and the desire to try on a dress, believing in a fictitious reality.
The dress of the pumpkin.

Creative Collection
 Not so long ago was dug in the closet and found his treasure from the 90s. The collection has faded after the destruction of kids, but overall still looks decent. I suggest a bit of nostalgia for the onetime high school denkam.Para staff - partly repeat, found a little more and perefotkal.

Beetles in Style Heroes
On the pages of one online store selling beetles in tiny costumes movie characters "Jurassic Park".
It's all very strange, the price of one beetle is U.S. $ 100.

Incredible Cave on the Pavement
This is a great 3D-illusion of a German master of street art by Edgar Mueller. Called the "mysterious caves." Looks very realistic.

Cars with a Mustache
What do you think why this tuning?

Creative Tasty Association
Italian supermarket chain Esselunga offers visitors a play grocery association.A few years ago for the Italian retail chain Esselunga developed an original marketing concept. Products that are on store shelves, presented themselves. Each product was compared with images of animals, people, building construction and numerous objects from all walks of life.

Creative Christmas Sweater 2011
 In Soviet Russia during the summer, your parents had to wear swimming trunks with anchors, and in winter - a sweater with the reindeer. In the West, the latter tradition is rooted deeper and associated with religious and mythological ideas, hence - "Christmas Sweater," which includes not only deer , and Seals, bears with phosphorescent eyes, and even real  Christmas toys.

Best Hotel of the World
The numbers on top of skyscrapers - the most luxurious of all. They may be different in size, style and design, interior design, but two things are the same for all penthouses at all hotels - stunning views and incredible comfort.

The most Fun Place in the World
 One guy was in Disneyland. One of the happiest days of his life)) Photos of the attractions.

Capabilities of Bodies
 The former gymnast, whose real name is Julia Guntel, was born in Russia and now lives in Germany, discovered her talent when she was only four years old. Since then, it develops a stubborn girl, conducting training for a few hours a day. Girl demonstrates the capabilities of their bodies, traveling with the show throughout the world.

Amazing Longest Fingernails
Chris Walton raises her nails for 18 years and, in her words, they do not interfere with her ​​practice. Now, their length a little over 6 feet and she fell into the Guinness Book of Records in 2012. 45-year-old mother of five serves herself and does not ask for help from anyone. Manicures and even drives a car, although the latter is her hardest to get.

The First Dog Grooming
Here's a dirty dog in the Center for Animal hair cut for the first time in her life. Bad happened.

 A New Trend of Street Art
Urban knitting is a trendy direction of street art, which includes the decoration of various street objects with colorful knitting. Has this neve happened in Russia?

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