Once a week the cat Cooper Wear lightweight camera, which photographs are automatically every 2 minutes and thanks to this we can look at it, looks like life is normal cat eyes.

The emotional performance of Diego Armando Maradona for Argentina's match with Nigeria.

And not such a bad idea. Bearded cap

From the things that we can see in the sky from our position on earth and the activities that take place in outer space, this crop of interesting headlines focuses on news concerning events in the air. In this article, you will learn about a secret plane sighted around the world and the background on a doomed planet succumbing to its own star.

Planet Being Eaten by Its Star

This month, the Astrophysical Journal Letters reported that the Hubble space telescope has discovered that a planet in our galaxy is on a crash course towards being eaten by the star that it orbits. The planet has been dubbed WASP-12b and is known to have the highest surface temperature of any planet in the Milky Way, which clocks in at about 1,500 degrees Celsius (or 2,800 degrees Fahrenheit).

Power of Trees

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Nothing can stop these trees. Force of nature

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