Cool Collection of cute kittens in the pockets

Soccer Tricks by Lassie Hurskaynena

  The KTLH1.5 by LivingHomes has attained a level of accreditation that only the most technologically advanced and eco-friendly structures ever obtain: a LEED platinum rating.
Built from recycled timber and steel and featuring thorough energy and water saving technology, the KTLH1.5 by LivingHomes represents the design firm’s stringent commitment to sustainability. Fortunately, the design’s rigorous attention to eco concerns didn’t come at the cost of its interior design, as the stylish pictures in this gallery can certainly attest.

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 Probably everyone knows that if you throw mentos in cola, the reaction occurs and the water will escape from the bottle with great force. All these people have decided to verify this independently

Urban Tree Salvage Creates Awesome Rugged Equipment
Urban Tree Salvage recently exhibited some of their pieces at the 2011 Interior Design Show that was held in Toronto. Their unique furniture is designed out of wood that they have salvaged from their local surroundings.
The types of woods that Urban Tree Salvage focuses on using are locally grown domestic woods such as Maple, Ash, Elm and Oak. Urban Tree Salvage creates custom pieces, which allows customers to request certain types of woods and designs as well.

 This Radio Flyer Car by Alaskan retirees Fred Geller and Judy Foster is creating quite a lot of buzz in the blogosphere. The project is a combination of two of this year’s major themes, retro inspiration and DIY projects.

 The Night Shadow project by photographer & artist Michael Neff highlights silhouettes found in the semi-darkness of a New York City night. Neff travels the city outlining the intriguing shadows cast by buildings, railings, bike racks, signs and other street objects he comes across with chalk.

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