While our gal pals will almost always give their stamp of approval to fashion-forward outfits, it turns out that some trendy pieces just freak guys out. Here, a few of our guy buddies recall the date outfits that confused them and surprised them—and a few that made them run for the hills.

Stripper heels and micro-shorts

10 Reasons Why Zombies Are Good for TV
Two new TV shows, 'The Walking Dead' and 'Dead Set,' prove why the zombie craze is far from dead

Zombies are taking a bite out of television just in time for Halloween.

 Secret weapon used by Japanese ninja

Gone are the days when having a gap-toothed smile was considered taboo. Now, some might say gaps are sought out. Take the models at this year's Paris Fashion Week. Here's a look at some of the most famous gap-toothed women.

Nothing is more beautiful than a big, pregnant belly. Readers had some fun while they waited, and emailed hundreds of beautiful painted bumps. Here are our 25 favorites, including the winning masterpiece!

Fish Bowl Belly

The 80 Port USB Charger Board Lets You Host Charging Parties

Although it’s easy to run out of USB ports to charge your devices with, I can’t imagine that you’ll ever need to use the 80 Port USB Charger Board in its entirety.
Brought to you by Thanko, the 80 Port USB Charger Board will allow you to have those charging parties you have always wanted to host. All jokes aside, this Japanese device could be incredibly useful within office spaces. Sold for about $182, I think this piece is definitely a good investment for techies.

1. Monaco
per capita GDP: $203,900Monaco thumb Richest Country in the World by GDP (PPP) per capitaMonaco, a major tourist resort in the Mediterranean. The Principality of Monaco has booming high value-add industries and a strong services sector. Monaco has no income tax, but it makes most of its money from being a tax haven.

Chen Laikang, who is 101 years old, poses for photos in a suit of wedding dress in Tianjin, north China, Oct. 13, 2010. Chen realized her dream of taking pictures in wedding dress as the Double Ninth Festival draws on. The festival is also known as "Chongyang Festival" or "Old Veneration Festival", a Chinese traditional occasion to pay respect to the aged.

 Reykjavik One of the Cleanest Places in the World

 The Bloody World of Wild Africa

Amazing Sculptures from the Pumpkins

Thanks to the Google Maps service, we can look at interesting things that happen on the streets of Brazil. Drug addicts, drunks, prostitutes and thieves. A typical day in Brazil

 On Oct. 10, 2010, which Chinese believe to be auspicious because three 10s in a row means absolute perfection, thousands of lovers across China tied the knot, but also many unmarried couples decided to do something special to celebrate the "perfect" day.

Karen O’Leary is famous for creating hand cut paper maps of popular cities.

Careful elimination of unnecessary parts results in a beautiful artwork with the sharp contrast between the solid and void.

Paris Fashion Week revealed plus-size models on its runways, including Beth Ditto for designers like Jean Paul Gaultier. The singer is a size 26 and has also been featured on the cover of Love Magazine.

Gaultier’s Spring/Summer 2011 line saw Beth Ditto strutting down the catwalk as a representative for all full-figured fashion fanatics, clearly marking a growing trend for physical diversity in runway models.

The word chic was coined in Paris, so it's no great surprise that the biennial Paris Motor Show is filled with stylish and elegant machines. Among the most fashionably dressed sheet metal are the concepts, cars built to demonstrate an automaker's creative vision and technical prowess and to test it, in a public way, without taking a huge financial gamble on a full production car. Here, we've selected 10 concepts on display in the City of Light that we think represent the best of the breed.

Many women are beautiful, but not all have achieved icon status. Some women just have "it" -- the attitude, the allure and the enchanting looks that make them unforgettable and endlessly fascinating.

 Meet the iconic beauties of yesterday and today that we just can't get enough of.

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