Museum rag Biology
I really hope that no doctor attended to these exhibits.

Creative Sculptures made of Tires
Yong Ho Ji  was born in 1978. In 2005 he graduated from Seoul National University majoring in sculpture and in 2008 - New York University Fine Arts. Creates animal sculptures from used tires. To create a sculpture can take up
to three months.

Creative and Fun types of Chess 2011

How to Make Fog with his own Hands
Today I want to tell you how to fix a fog lamp on your car.

The Most Famous Diamonds in the World
We know that diamonds are the kings of rock. Some of them are known worldwide for its uniqueness and traditions associated with them. They are admired and are affected by their mystical beauty for centuries. We offer you an overview of "the most famous diamonds of the world"

Cats with Beautiful Glasses
Cats delight another positive.

The best roller Coaster in the World
Site conducted a study to determine the best roller coasters in the world. Hascompiled a list of fifty finalists. A story about some of them we offer.

Creative Designer Shoes

Two-headed Animals in World
The very existence of mutants not surprise anyone today. Abnormalities in human and animal organisms occur more often. And yet every time he saw two heads on one body, one is struck by the nature of these jokes. Look at the photos of those who from birth was not like everyone else -because he was born with two heads.

Amazing and Strange Buildings

Funny and Unusual Hair styles
With such a hairstyle you like to attract attention.Personally, I would not dare do in their heads something like that.

Limousines and Cars with long Wheelbase

Glamour Cherepa

American Beauty Car Show 2011
Fly-in Haapsalu this year was significantly worse than in the past (which is not surprising, because in the past year, the event celebrated the anniversary 10tiletny). At the concert were not eminent foreigners, the evening was the traditional fireworks over the castle (or we have not seen it), and to drag in some class acts on a pair of participants. However, any petrolhednogo (classified Top Gear) person who has got to such an event for the first time, the roof of the vehicle abundance of sex in the castle and moved out to around almost immediately. Some of the images made ​​on a glass of beer, the second half - on a plate with the cutlet kartohi, so if the pictures will seem dull or wrong bb - do not be surprised:

Summar Mud Day Celebration 2011
In Michigan (U.S.) annually celebrate Mud Day.Well, how else can you celebrate this holiday, not as deep in the mud?

Indian Bride 2011
And as such you nevestushki?

Love Animals. Pretty Pictures

Racing on the Streets of Moscow Ended with the Accident
In Moscow, Nissan GT driver-R wanted to show him what a car ...Could not have happened a tough accident.Nissan GT driver-R was very lucky that his car was so strong that it is not fragmented.

Autoexotics 2011. American Cars
Continue to report Autoexotics I want, like last time, American cars. It should be said that this year there were even more so, my friends, you are waiting for 2 of the Americans.

Animals with Toys
The most beautiful animals with toys.

Incredibly Beautiful eyes Megan Fox

Celebration of U.S. Independence Day
Pictures of how the United States celebrated Independence Day.

The most Unfortunate Tattoos
Take a look at a selection of the most bizarre and unfortunate tattoos.

Beautiful Eyes have different Colors
Eye color - a characteristic determined by pigmentation of the iris. The iris consists of ectodermal and mesodermal layers. From the distribution of these pigments and depend on the color.

Car travel Royal Guests
It has been repeatedly fingered the cars of presidents and prime from around the world. Today we look at any car ride royal person.

The longest sea Bridge in the World
China opens longest sea bridge in the world.Bridge road, but the way it is through the waters of the Yellow Sea.The total length of 41.58 kilometers of buildings.

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