A Musical Instrument
It turns out the old tub can be turned into a musical instrument.I wonder how it sounds?

Cave Temples of India
In the Indian state of Maharashtra is the village of Ellora with 34 amazing caves, carved into the mountain Charanandri vertical surface. Ellora - the official World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The caves consist of 12 Buddhist, 17 Hindu and 5 Jain temples and monasteries built during the period from VI to X century.These caves - a sign of religious harmony that prevailed in India during this period. Ellora Caves - the most popular ancient attractions in the state, a must for every tourist.

Unusual Wedding Cakes
Cool cake to get this wedding day! The embodiment of the most original ideas of wedding-tortnyh now in the collection.

Amazing Photographs
Again, going back to the topic of artistic coloring pictures as a special direction in contemporary art. Swedish artist Sanna Dullaway made ​​his version of the color-coding of several famous photographs.

Characters and their Creators
Characters with whom many of us spent our childhood, creates a very talented people,whose faces are not shown on television, because their creation has eclipsed the popularity of the founders.

Attacked by Wolverines
The girl lives in Glasgow. Argues that such scars in her after the attack, Wolverine. But something seems to me she podzalivaet. And not just because her face is too happy faces. Too suspicious scars, burnt sugar, I can also draw. But in a burn on his wrist - I believe.

Creative Pond in Apartment
Normal apartment turned into a bank of the pond with fish, stones,lined staircases and appropriate atmosphere.Perhaps the great calm after a hard day!

Cats and People. Sleep

Celebrity Homes
Celebrity Homes - Whose celebrity home?, Can you guess which celebrities own the remarkable houses pictured on the following pages? We've provided a few hints here and there, but it still may be a challenge to match the rich and famous with the places they call home. Good luck.

'Hangover Heaven' in Las Vegas
In April, the U.S. city of Las Vegas has earned an unusual service. The city became a special shuttle bus, whose mission is to care for people suffering from excessive drinking of alcohol and help local residents and visitors to the city to combat the negative manifestations of alcohol withdrawal syndrome.

Best Street Art in April
Street art, considering the world as one big canvas, the fastest growing of all existing forms of art. Can compete with him except that graphic and industrial design, but they are often applied and thoroughly commercial. A street art - primarily a social phenomenon. Reflects society and its aspirations.

Food with Different Art
The most beautiful food with different creative art.

FBI Most Wanted

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FBI Most Wanted
 FBI Most Wanted, Just shy of the one-year anniversary of Osama bin Laden’s assassination the FBI updated its Ten Most Wanted list. The list currently stands at nine with the recent capture of James Whitey Bulger. The FBI is offering a hefty reward for all but one of these fugitives. FBI Most Wanted +  up to $100,000 reward for information

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