Paradise Places
Places where men will be fun and comfortable. Guys Vasey, agree? :)

Creative Graphics
The young illustrator artist prefers to paint with pencil and charcoal, creating a real 3D-images. A favorite "canvas" of the author is decomposed into two parts, the album.

Funny Wedding Cakes
The most creative beautiful interesting cool funny cakes.

Tomatina Festival
"Blood" red Tomatina festival, one of the most fun in Spain, held annually in the small town of Bunol. Has become a traditional celebration is a street tomato battle. Tomatina last week and includes musical numbers, fair, parade, dances and fireworks. Every year during tomato madness is used more than 100 tons of tomatoes.

Horror Tattoo
If you do decide to put on your body, "eternal" picture, I suggest you look at the copies of the most unfortunate and ugly tattoos. We look :)

Extravagant Selling Machines
You choose the shape of an ingot of the options, pay and get their piece of dragmeta. Gold prices are updated every 60 seconds. According authoress "as easy as buying a Coke, only slightly more expensive:-D"

Creative Interior Design
If the area of your home a little less than we would like, then must look at this collection of the most creative design solutions. With the help of the interior design can accommodate a full-fledged environment
apartments on an incredibly small living space!

Famous Minaret 
Dzhamsky minaret carefully hidden in the mountains that reach 2400 meters in height. The minaret is famous for its well-preserved art paintings, which include calligraphy, geometric designs and beautifully written verses of the Quran

The World's Largest Sandwich
Brief characteristics of the mega-sandwich: Weight - 13 kg.Contents - 40 pieces of different meats, vegetables, sauce and bread.Manufacturer - Chef Tristan Welch, and ...

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