China road Sweepers
Still, among the Chinese as many people Kulibin that fit creatively, even for such trivial pursuits such as garbage collection. See how they stack brooms can easily build a car to clean the roads. Most importantly - do not require any specialized technical inspection, and the parts themselves can be bought in any market for a penny.

Fashion Week 2012
Can not wait for these models will go into mass production.

Clear Masquerade
Photographer Phyllis Galembo takes many years of modern and appropriate odezhku masquerades in Africa, Mexico and Haiti. Examples of what he sees:

Massage under the Blade of the knife
If a friend came up with a knife, so he does not one? .. Certainly not. Residents of the province of Hsinchu in northern Taiwan know exactly what the huge broadswords good not only carve the meat, but also a great massage can be done. In China, the ratio of the massage special, so for the locals such execution - a special method of treatment, which serves as an excellent prevention and treatment of many ailments.

Amazing Wallpapers
This collection will reveal the wonderful world of the Colombian designer Catalina Estrada, whose lively imagination embodied in the bright, original wallpaper.

Amazing Supermodels 2012

Beautiful Places Around the World
Beauty, no words. Enjoying beautiful places on our planet.

Amazing Chocolate Dream
The most amazing cool funny chocolate dream.

Interesting Work

Artist who Paints a Vomit
Rumor has it that it is not only an artist but also a singer. The process of creation is as follows: a white room, two young ladies sing classical aria, and Milli liter pouring paint, and then pukes on the canvas. Performances have been few, say that Millie had time to even nablevat for Lady Gaga. By the way, a picture is put up for sale - only 2400 U.S. dollars. So, partake of the arts.

A Massive Sculpture of 3500 Smartphone
The most interesting piece of sculpture are used when creating materials that are 3500 smartphones. Creation of smartphones Pegasus took artists and working 720 hours. It is interesting to note that gadgets left on the screen protective film, and possibly after the Congress of vehicles will be removed carefully and repackage for sale.

Romantic Gardens of France
Amazing gardens of one of the most romantic cities on earth - France.

Positive Parade Balloons
Despite the fact that mankind has long captured the sky, and can fly in the upper atmosphere at supersonic speeds, balloons, balloons are of the gimmick, which always attracts attention and lures to look at the city or the picturesque landscape from a bird's flight, moving slowly after a breath of wind. Tative Great ships of heaven!

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