Amazing Art Cake

Strange Fancy Platform with Obama
Public people are always under public scrutiny, often becoming the subject of discussion, and sometimes an object of ridicule. U.S. President Barack Obama - is no exception. In this collection - photos of strange platforms, depicting Obama.

High Heels Tight Dresses
Probably, each model before going on the podium at least once, but she prayed, "but would not fall." And it is easy to fall, because the designers have come up as if on purpose models more and more complexity - high heels, tight dresses, fabulous outfits, and other "whims of fashion." Here are some photos of the fall on the runways.

The Shortest Man in the World
Meet Chandra Bahadur Dangi, the 72-year-old Nepalese man who will soon be named world's shortest at 22-inches. Here's a pictorial travelogue of the journey from his remote village to Kathmandu, where he will be measured by Guinness World Records to claim the title of World's Shortest Man.

Dental Office in the Style
Various entrepreneurs are trying to use this kitten to your advantage.For example, in Tokyo, opened a dental office in the style of Hello Kitty.The interior is made in pink and smiling cat on the logo and visit the dentist beckons :)Perhaps now there is a queue every day for the record of the girls and children.

The Iranian Secret Weapon
Hundreds of beautiful but deadly ninja women, improve their skills in gyms all over Iran, under the leadership of the Federation of Martial Arts Sports Ministry. Total in Iran train 24 000 ninja.

Funny Cats
A compilation of funny cats that can be a associated with fonts...

Ring with a Hidden Message
Cool idea to create a ring with a message insidewhich can be read only after theit will leave a visible mark on your skin.

Enormous pictures
 Jim Denavan  many people of talent, he is a wonderful cook, a professional surfer and a great artist. Throughout the world, he is known for its, of colossal dimensions, paintings executed in a natural landscape.

School Without Walls
School pupils Vittra Telefonplan luck! Headquartered in Stockholm, the Swedish free school was founded on the concept of creating a place where "the physical space - the most important tool for schools" in the development of students.

Marriage Proposals Gone Wrong
Marriage Proposals Gone Wrong, What's worse than getting snubbed while proposing? Having your heart broken in front of countless strangers. Watch these memorable rejections where one lovebird pulled out all the stops, only to have their significant other slam on the brakes.

Amazing Tattoos Brands
The second part of crazy tattoos depicting various well-known brands.

Giant Roses - Art Recipe
Paper (crepe), stem / wire, floral tape, pencil, scissors, tape.

Car Dealer in Washington 2012
Recently visited the Motor Show in Washington, has done a lot of ph, but lay out only the most interesting car in my opinion. A lot of pictures  as the finish will tell.The first hall is occupied by auto show mainly American cars.Actually, the first - a new Cadillac coupe

Unusual Telephone Booths
Very Creative telephone booths.

Sleepy Politicians
Politicians have very tough job. They have to solve a lot of very difficult problems, so there is no time to sleep.
They have nothing else to do but to sleep at the meetings. More resistant persons do not sleep,

Hosted the Olympics Rabbit
This year will be held in London Summer Olympics. Meanwhile, in anticipation of this great event, I was a small sports warm-up, which was attended by only fluffy "sportsmen." The competition «Rabbit Grand National» in Harrogate bring their pets lovers of rabbits from Sweden to Yorkshire. Each year the show is attended by about 3000 animals. The first such event took place in 1921.

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