The festival of Russian-Indian culture
I and my friend Michael were on the main street of HH Boris Pokrovsky, and there ..chaos, pandemonium .... At first thought, the gay parade? Well now it's fashionable ....  was not en-festival of Russian-Indian culture!

FXOpen Drifting Belarus 2011
I have to say - to treat these things very calmly and did not understand what the thrill of watching the drift. Dragreysing interesting, IMHO. So warn - pictured below - normal, other photographers, I'm sure nasnimali much better.At the airport "Minsk-1" have been drifting competitions.

Amazing Vintage Tube
Meerschaum or French name for the same substance - ├ęcume-de-mer, we call it "sea foam". As the use of meerschaum pipes slowly change color, and very old are more shades of yellow, orange and red colors ...

2 Years ago did not Become the King of Pop
On June 25, the anniversary of Michael Jackson's death, his fans came to the U.S. Embassy

Best Concept Cars 2011
In the United States were awarded the annual prizes for the best concept punishments last year. Grand Prix at the ceremony, North American Concept Vehicle of the Year Awards took experimental supercar, Jaguar C-X75, with whom we met at last year's Paris Motor Show.

Amazing Pictures on Feathers

Mass Yoga in Times Square 2011
In New York, has taken shape a new tradition - the summer solstice, in the heart of the Big Apple enthusiasts organize mass yoga. This year's Times Square, thousands of people gathered ...

MotoExpro 2011 in London
LJ user mgor wrote in his blog: This year's Motorexpo in London exhibited little old Jaguars, some of them could buy quite a decent price on. In general, choose.

Man how can Eat Anything for Survive
Bear Grilse you can remember to show "Man vs. Wild," which is on channel Discovery.
As you may recall, Bear does not shrink from any living creatures have a bite to fill the reserve forces.I suggest you see a small selection of what he could have a snack during the shooting program.

Festival of body modification in Colombia
Recently, a festival in Colombia, body modification. It gathered many freaks of the country and abroad. From tattoos and piercing hurt your eyes.

Amazing Transmission
I have often seen that the drivers in a car decorated with the shift lever.But these original knobs gear I've never met.

The Freaks Festival
In Germany, hosted the annual festival is ready to Wave-Gotik-Treffen Festival.It was attended by a very unusual person.Also look at the pictures of last year's festival.

Blow up Formula
This racing car Mercedes GP Petronas, parsed to the last screw and floating in the air as if in a state of explosion. 3200 parts , 10000 feet of thin wire, 9 months of preparatory work and 20 days on only one suspension this installation.

Amazing Unusual chairs
Creative chairs.Some of them came to my liking.

Dating a Friend’s Ex
Dating a Friend’s ExSometimes it is so hard to find someone to connect with. When you’re single, it seems like everyone else isn’t. As you get into your late 20’s and early 30’s, most of your friends get married and those who aren’t have long standing relationships. Holidays like Valentines Day come and go and yet you still have nobody special in your life.

Cars Movies characters
 Yesterday in San Diego everyone could admire the heroes of the Disney cartoon "Cars" in full size.

Woodland Durham ‘The Hum’
Woodland Durham ‘The Hum’. A village inexplicably throbs in the middle of the night. But up the road in Gateshead, they're transforming the local landscape - into cake.

Queen of the Lake Ladoga
During the trophy raid Ladoga was a beauty contest among the participants for the title of Queen of the Lake Ladoga. It all started more or less decent, but finished ...

Birds visited the house since 2008. Family of finches, apparently, liked the good people who live in this house. This year they chose a Christmas wreath, which is fastened to the door as a place to nest.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off cast then & now
Ferris Bueller's Day Off cast then & now. Today marks the 25th anniversary of the release of "Ferris Bueller's Day Off,"a late director's so-called "love letter" to his favorite city. The film put its star on the map and even inspired a ska-punk band. Here's a roll call of the iconic film's cast. "Bueller… Bueller…"

Prime Yalta Rally 2011
June 2 at Yalta started the 4 th World Cup in classic IRC rally - the Cup of the President of Ukraine 
Prime Yalta Rally 2011. Conducting Yalta Rally traces its history since Soviet times, but the first time this year the competition displayed on a world level as a stage of the international series.
Yalta highway has no analogues in CIS countries, nor in Europe and is known as one of the most complex and interesting in the Old World.

Picture Passport and real Person
Have you noticed that pictures of people in their passports are often somewhat different from those in real life?Everything on these pictures are usually with a straight face, almost without emotion.

Parade of Carriages
The other day quite by accident got into town and found an unusual sight: "The festival parade of baby carriages.Many children and pregnant moms in one place, even I, a professional father, caused a nervous tic.

Top-earning college majors 2011 study
Top-earning college majors 2011 study. Thinking about heading back to school? Consider an engineering major. A new research study by Georgetown University lists the highest- and lowest-earning college majors. Read about the bachelor degrees that will earn you the most and find out which celebrities have earned impressive degrees.

Forbes Gisele Bundchen $1 Billion
Forbes Gisele Bundchen $1 Billion. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen could soon find herself playing in the billionaire's league, according to Forbes.

Top Unexplained Disappearances

Top unexplained disappearances. Every year thousands of people are reported missing. While most are found within hours, some disappear without a trace, never to be seen again. Here are some of the more famous and bizarre cases in history.

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