Friendly Wild Beast
Absolute distance is too stimulating contacts with the beast

Unusual Car Restoration
Amazing work.
Previously, I have not seen anything like it.
Master got an old car on the go haywire.
Sometimes difficult to understand in what state the machine goes to the restaurateur, because usually everyone can see the result.
Redesigned interior, new paint ...
But now you can see the car before and after. 
Very unusual and interesting.

Amazing Golf Mobiles
Settlement called The Villages in Florida is 90 miles from the road to the golf mobiles. Past as freely and ride around the streets of the town. They say that the first driver golf mobiles become old, who failed to pass the test to drive. Now the popularity of golf mobiles in the U.S. skyrocketed. Let's look at the most unusual cars.

Auto Show in Washington
From 28 January to 6 February 2011 at the Washington Convention Centre is autoshow «Washington Auto Show 2011, where car makers have the opportunity to present their new projects to the public.

Amazing look Desktop

Bruce Lee and his Journey
Sufficiently rare photographs from the life of Bruce Lee

Beautiful Restaurant in Tokyo
The incredible story of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland has become an endless source of inspiration for many creative people, among whom were fashion designers, jewelers, architects and, of course, interior designers. For example, Tokyo has a restaurant, whose interior is made ​​in the spirit of this children's story. Basis for the restaurant were taken from the cartoon stories about Alice, which was released in 1951. Has established his studio Fantastic Design Works Co.

Photos of Kate Middleton
Bride of Prince William of Wales. Roman William and Kate lasted since 2003. In April 2007 they announced their separation, however in August 2007, there was their reunion. In October 2010, William and Kate were engaged. What is it, the future princess.

Famous assassination attempts
Famous assassination attempts. On this day 30 years ago, Queen Elizabeth II was nearly assassinated. The British monarch was shot at during a ceremony near Buckingham Palace. In light of this anniversary, we take a look at some of history's most famous assassination attempts.

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