Wrold Most Old Queen
Time of the great European monarchies had passed. Today it is no more than a tribute to the old tradition. Significant political influence in the life of the state royal families in Europe have, in many countries and at all abolished. However, in several European countries monarchs are a lot of love from the public. Even with the parliament and democracy, people are also feeling the need for the sovereign. Let the contemporary monarchs are symbolic more than ever, people in the old wears them on his hands. Special affection for the Queen of the population use the old - "the mother of the glorious fatherland." The most famous of the still alive in this collection are:

1. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands

2. Queen Sonja of Norway
3. Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - Queen Elizabeth II 
 4. Queen of Denmark - Margrethe II
 5. Queen Paola of Belgium
7. Queen Silvia of Sweden

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