Hundred Of Photographs In One
The French-Swiss photographer Corinne Vionnet has in its draft “Photo Opportunities” an amazing journey through the world, guiding us through his best-known monuments, visited every year by thousands of tourists. It is the aggregation of hundreds of photos found on the Internet and the overlay of the same resulting effect this impressionistic and almost three-dimensional in each place.

1. Kremlin, Moscow

Without having to take flight, spending money or leaving your chair, you can embark on this visit to the four corners of the world, thanks to the project “Photo Opportunities” by Corinne Vionnet.
2. Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

After several internet searches, the photographer has collected about 200 to 300 photographs of each one of the best known and most visited monuments. These images were taken by tourists who wanted to perpetuate their journeys. The fact is that they have little of the original: it is common to be made in the same place and often taken the same angle. “Why is it always took the same picture, but to interact with what already exists?” Question. “The photograph proves our presence, and to be true will have to be in tune with our own memories,” adds Corinne.
3. Colosseum, Rome

If we visit Paris we will certainly shoot the Eiffel Tower. If landed in London, we want to keep “our image” of Big Ben. And if we go through Moscow, we do not want to return without showing how the Kremlin. Hence, the artist has assembled all the memories of those tourists into one. Corinne carefully overlapped each group of photographs, about each other, as similar as possible to achieve the result he wanted: the great movement of all places, thus marking the passage of each person who was there. The silhouettes and shadows visible in each correspond to the actual daily frenzy around these tourist sites.
4. Eiffel Tower, Paris

The shooting itself considers that the project would not have the same meaning if the author of pictures. The “Photo Opportunities only makes sense because it is linked to the collective. Why mix the experiences and feelings, while joining the snapshot captured by different eyes. The work ends so technically achieve a three-dimensional view and acquire an almost impressionistic, where each one can simply say “here I am, yes, I’ve been here.”
5. Tiananmen Square, Beijing

Corinne is currently represented by two galleries, one in Switzerland and one in Dubai. Since 2002, he has done important exhibitions all over the world, has edited several books and catalogs and also collaborates with several publications, mainly British and American. See the website of the photographer .
6. The Brandenburg Gate, Berlin.
7. Twin Towers WTC, New York.
8. The Acropolis of Athens, Greece.
9. Niagara Falls, NY.
10. Mount Fuji, Japan.
11. Taj Mahal, India
12. Stonehenge, England.
13. Louvre, Paris.
14. Chichen Itza, Mexico.
16. Alhambra Palace, Granada.
17. Kinderdijk, The Netherlands.
18. Himeji Castle, Japan

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