Top-earning college majors 2011 study
Top-earning college majors 2011 study. Thinking about heading back to school? Consider an engineering major. A new research study by Georgetown University lists the highest- and lowest-earning college majors. Read about the bachelor degrees that will earn you the most and find out which celebrities have earned impressive degrees.

Petroleum engineering

Petroleum engineering, which deals with the production of crude oil, natural gas and other energy products, is the highest-earning major. Petroleum engineers help develop efficient ways to obtain these vital energy resources. Find out more about what they do.

Pharmacy sciences and administration

Graduates with this degree, which covers management and business techniques specific to the pharmaceutical industry, could go on to work in management for top pharmaceutical companies. Those who graduate with this degree could also continue on to become pharmacists.

Mathematics and computer science

A math and computer science degree will make you a very attractive candidate for a career in computer technology. Graduates with this degree could work for software companies, Internet service providers or as Web developers.

Aerospace engineering

Take your paper airplane skills to new heights by becoming an aerospace engineer. Learn how to design airplanes, hovercrafts or even space stations and you could end up working for McDonnell Douglas, Boeing or NASA. Find out more about what these engineers do.

Chemical engineering

Become a chemical engineer and you'll be working your magic to turn raw materials into useful products. Chemical engineers can work in a variety of industries.

Electrical engineering

Want to be the next Thomas Edison or Nikola Tesla? Major in electrical engineering. An electrical engineer could work in a variety of industries, including construction, manufacturing or transportation. Find out more about what electrical engineers do.

Naval architecture and marine engineering

If you're interested in learning how to design and build ships, then this major is for you.

Mechanical engineering

Interested in physics and how things work? Study mechanical engineering at one of these top schools. Read some job descriptions for a mechanical engineer to see if this is right for you.

Metallurgical engineering

Metallurgical engineering is all about the production, design and manufacturing of metals. Read more about what metallurgical engineers do.

Mining and mineral engineering

Interested in minerals and the process for extracting them? Study mining and mineral engineering at one of these top schools. These engineers also help ensure that mines are safe.


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