As the latest presidential memoir hits bookstores this month, we take a look at memorable tomes by former leaders of the free world.

Former President George W. Bush
His memoir, which hit stores recently, is about his days in the White House is a personal one, discussing his struggle with alcoholism, his thoughts on Sept. 11, 2001, and his faith.

Former President John F. Kennedy
He held this political office when he wrote his famous biography about courageous senators while recuperating from back surgery.

Former President Bill Clinton
The former president reportedly received one of the biggest advances ever for his 2004 memoir.

President Barack Obama
He was still dreaming of a political career when he wrote his first book, about growing up without his father.

Former President Ronald Reagan
His 1990 book discussed his time as governor and this controversy while in the White House. What did he say about the autobiography?

Former President Ulysses S. Grant
Many consider his two-volume set, composed while he was dying of this disease, to be the best presidential memoir ever written.

Former President Jimmy Carter
Carter -- one of the most prolific former presidents -- published his latest tome at the age of 85.

Former President James Buchanan
The 15th commander in chief wrote the first ever presidential memoirto shed a better light on his presidency. It didn't work.

Former President Gerald Ford
The only president to have this dubious honor, he published his autobiography two years after leaving the White House.

Former President Richard Nixon
The scandal-plagued president, who secretly recorded meetings and phone calls, wrote about his White House experiences in 1990.

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