Gone are the days when having a gap-toothed smile was considered taboo. Now, some might say gaps are sought out. Take the models at this year's Paris Fashion Week. Here's a look at some of the most famous gap-toothed women.

Lara Stone
Job: Top fashion model. Australia recently banned an ad that featured her. Why?

Jessica Hart
Job: This beauty is one of the "it" girls of the modeling world.

Lauren Hutton
Job: She became the highest-paid model in the world at age 29 and later turned to acting.

Job: Material Girl, philanthropist, fashion designer
It's unclear why she never closed her gap, but her daughter Lourdes got braces

Anna Paquin
Job: "True Blood" actress and movie star. Remember her character from the "X-Men" films?

Condoleezza Rice
Job: Ivy League professor and former secretary of state under a recent president.
We think she has larger issues to discuss than her gap.

Georgia Jagger
Job: Model. She's also the daughter of a rock legend and a supermodel-turned-actress.

Elisabeth Moss
Job: Actress. Known mostly for her role in a popular drama series that wrapped up its most recent season this month.

Laura San Giacomo
Job: Actress. She starred in a comedy series with comedian David Spade.

Natalie Cole
Job: Singer. She's also the daughter of the legendary Nat King Cole. Remember their "Unforgettable" duet?

Vanessa Paradis
Job: Model, singer, actress. She's also the longtime girlfriend of an A-list actor and the mother of his children.

Jorja Fox
Job: Actress. Known mostly for her role on a hit crime series.

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