Ichiro Suzuki — Mariners, outfielder

The M's star moved to the U.S. after playing professional baseball for nine seasons in Japan, where he is such a huge celebrity that there is a museum dedicated to him. Who can resist that kind of star power?

Huston Street — Rockies, pitcher
Street plays guitar and is a wine connoisseur. Sounds like the makings of a romantic evening.

Justin Upton — Diamondbacks, outfielder
Upton was drafted out of high school and became the youngest player in the major leagues at 19. Young and successful — just our type.

Chase Utley — Phillies, second baseman
California boy Utley has a soft spot for man's best friend. In his adpoted home of Philly he and his wife raise money for the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Any friend of animals is a friend of ours.

David DeJesus — Royals, outfielder
The Royals' right fielder, who attended Rutgers University, may not play for a winner but he won our hearts with his good looks and intelligence.

Conor Jackson — A's, outfielder
Jackson's father is an actor. That must be where he got his movie-star good looks.

Josh Willingham — Nationals, outfielder
Alabama born and bred, Willingham looks like the essence of Southern charm.

David Wright — Mets, third baseman
Infielder Wright founded an organization to raise funds multiple sclerosis organizations. He sure sounds like Mr. Right to us.

Brad Ausmus — Dodgers, catcher
Before he was in the major leagues, Ausmus played in the Ivy League. This Dartmouth grad is the perfect combination of brains and brawn.

Franklin Gutierrez — Mariners, outfielder
Gutierrez plays in the home of Starbucks Coffee. We'd love to buy him a Frappuccino.

Austin Jackson — Tigers, outfielder
Jackson gets our vote for rookie of the year.

Sean Rodriguez — Rays, second baseman
This is what we call Miami heat. Hometown hottie Rodriguez was born and raised in Miami and now plays on the other side of the Sunshine State in Tampa.

Andre Ethier — Dodgers, outfielder
Ethier is a serious foodie who writes a blog about L.A. restaurants. Who wouldn't want to share a meal with him?

Jeff Francoeur — Rangers, outfielder
"Frenchy" comes from a family of teachers and is involved in charity activities off the field. What's not to like? He was traded from the Mets to the Rangers on Aug. 30, 2010.

Grady Sizemore — Indians, outfielder
When Sizemore got his first big baseball payday, he told his parents they could retire and he volunteers for and donates generously to youth charities. We can see why he's a fan favorite in Cleveland, especially among a fan group that calls itself Grady's Ladies Sisterhood.

Cole Hamels — Phillies, pitcher
This ace's boyish good looks make him as hot off the pitching mound as he is on it.

Jayson Werth — Phillies, outfielder
He's recently been sporting a Grizzly Adams beard, but we prefer the Phillies slugger with a five o'clock shadow.

Alex Rodriguez — Yankees, third baseman
A-Rod is the ultimate bad boy. If that's your type then A-Rod just may be the man for you.

Scott Podsednik — Dodgers, outfielder
The Dodgers' recent acquisition (from the White Sox) looks good from all angles. We're sure the ladies in Chicago miss him.

Justin Maxwell — Nationals, outfielder
Both of Maxwell's parents are dentists. That explains the perfect teeth. He had a 4.0 GPA in high school and chose to go to Maryland (where he grew up) over Harvard.

Derek Jeter — Yankees, shortstop
Sure, a lot of women have a thing for bad boys, but Jeter is the type you want to take home to mother. Jeter's never been involved in controversy, he's the consummate teammate and he's never spoken ill of his ex-girlfriends (a list that makes him the envy of any red-blooded male).

Adam Wainwright — Cardinals, pitcher
Starting pitcher Wainwright has a strong jaw and piercing eyes to go along with that amazing throwing arm of his. His hobbies include golf and fishing.

Joe Mauer — Twins, catcher
Mauer is the boy we all wish we grew up next door to. The reigning AL MVP answers all of his fan mail personally with help from his mom. We find that kind of aw-shucks personality very endearing.

Matt Kemp — Dodgers, outfielder
Kemp upped his profile when he started dating Grammy-winning singer Rihanna. Savvy fans had noticed him long before that, however. He launched a community initiative called Kemp's Kids that benefits youth organizations.

Robinson Cano — Yankees, second baseman
Cano, who is named after Jackie Robinson, is having a breakout season with the World Champs. That's fine with us — it means more exposure for that beautiful face. He's devoted to his family in the Dominican Republic and is involved with numerous charities, including cancer prevention and hurricane relief.

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