The Japanese are famous for “Chindōgu,” the art of inventing ingenious gadgets to solve a real need. Unfortunately, a lot of these inventions turn out to be pretty damn ridiculous. We’ve scoured the internets to find the craziest Japanese products. Some are baffling, others made us giggle, but all of them left us wondering “Why the hell would anyone ever need that?”

1. Swords aren’t just for Samurai any more! Kitchen knives shaped like Samurai swords:

2. Wasting too much time buttering your toast in the morning? Stop using that unnecessary knife and pick up a Butter Stick:

3. Guaranteed to get you funny looks- Cat Ear Headphones:

4. If you’ve been struggling to lose weight, maybe it’s because you’ve been getting too many calories from water. The solution? Diet Water:

5. Looking to find some comfort at home? Rest your weary head in this Lady Lap Pillow:

6. Ladies deserve awkward pillows too! Behold the Boyfriend Arm Pillow:

7. For the person that takes pride in being a sh*t head, we bring you the Poop Hat:

8. Looking for an even more awkward accessory? The Nipple Scarf:

9. Speaking of awkward nipples… The Male Breast Feeder allows new dads to get in some really weird bonding time with baby:

10. Once you’ve effectively scarred the kid for life, but them to work as a Baby Mop:
11. If male breast feeding has left you wanting a little more support, check out the Brassiere for Men:
Bra for Men
12. Spice things up in the bedroom with some Horny Candy:

13. Tired of having to special order worn panties? Well know you can get them from the Used Panty Vending Machine:

14. Were those too weird? Take a few deep breaths with this Fresh Air in a Bag mask:

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