Do you realize how many people out there who are trying to create the next fortune off of something completely useless?  I mean the line is a mile long.  People are out there every single day peddling crap that there is literally zero purpose for.
But you know something?  There are always suckers out there and infomercials are going to thrive off of the lazy and stupid people of America (the sad part of which there are many of them).  But to us smart people or at least rational people, these commercials can be purely entertaining.
Here is a collection of unintentionally funny commercials for completely useless products

The Shake Weight Exercise

Dynamic inertia?  Um, inertia?  AKA The Jerkoff machine
The Necky

Chilly Gaps and Gaping Holes.  That should be the name of a porn movie.
The Uro Club

I mean you REALLY can’t hold it in?  Has anyone bought this?  If they sold 1 unit I’d be very surprised
The Bedside Gun Rack

I mean you might as well have it right next to your bed right?  And it’s only 39.95!  “The smartest money you’ll spend in your life.”
The Tread Mobile

No way is this real.  I mean, what?
The Hawaii Chair

The humping machine that doesn’t help you lose weight at all.
The Comfort Wipe

This is a real product but this is dubbed to make it hilarious.

Man I wish these became a fashion fad.

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