Time is perhaps the most intangible entity that affects us 24X7; we can’t touch it or see it, and all we have is the sinking feel of time slipping away. The movement you just experienced a second ago is never going to replay itself, which is why time is so significant to us. Now that I have enlightened you on its importance, I don’t want to waste your precious ‘Time’ any further, so let’s have a rundown on some amazing DIY clock creations that will always keep you on time.

#1 The hard drive clock
hard drive clock
I remember the time when having a 40 GB hard drive was a major show-off, but the exponential rate at which technology (microchips & nano-technology) keeps on improving, you can be guaranteed of technology obsoleteness in a matter of months. So I’m sure geeks who like to keep abreast the latest in the line, might be having an old abandoned hard drive in their closet. This hard drive clock from Etsy is perfect for a geekish living room.
#2 Cabochon circuit board & CD desk clock

circuit board clock
This DIY clock has a grunge cracked/parched look to it, which is uber’ cool for a desk clock. The clock face is an old CD with cabochon to mark the hour hand, surrounded by a steel ball chain. For the base, a recycled circuit board is used which compliments the tech look very well.
#3 Single tube Nixie clock
single nixie clock
Christmas is just around the corner so how about a Nixie clock DIY to augment the festive feel. I’m sure grandma would love to brag about her grandson/granddaughter’s time creation. You’ll have to play around with the coding and crystal setup a bit, but that’s barely a problem as everything has been explained well at the project website.
#4 Nixie tube clock with fonts
nixie clock

This could make for a very good world clock as it displays fifty character sets from Roman numerals to Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and many more. The arrangement of Nixie tubes can be a bit head numbing, but hey, that is what a DIY is all about.
#5 The Arch-Ball clock

This is most ingenious design for a DIY clock that I have seen thus far, the clock looks so impressive that it will lure you into making one for yourself. The clock basically has one arch for showing hours and the other for showing minutes, each of the arches have a steel ball bearing which rolls on the arch. The stepper motors do the magic as they turn the arch, which rolls the ball bearing to the lowest point, thus indicating current time.
#6 The Pong clock
pong clock
This was not meant to be a DIY clock but somehow it ended being one. The guy who ventured on this project was installing a Thinkpad into a picture frame (God knows for what), but then he saw a pong clock on a blog and decided to make a DIY Pong clock from it.
#7 Awe-inspiring word clock
word clock
You look at this word clock and just behold at its timeless beauty, this word clock is the design of Instructables user Drj113 who I’m sure has some extra creative bits up his sleeve to come up with such a unique marvel of art.
#8 The gear clock
amazing diy gear clock
This is one DIY clock that will have some sure-fire glances the movement someone enters your home. Made by Alan Parekh, the clock has wooden gears (painted to have a metal look) and the brain of this clock is a CNC router, a PIC 16f628A micro-controller and a bipolar stepper motor.
#9 Numitron clock
numitron clock
At first glance it looks like some countdown timer to an ultra tech machine, but this is a clock made from a Numimini that displays time in digital HH/MM/SS format.
#10 Arduino powered luminous clock
diy arduino binary clock
If you are an eager techie DIY’er, an arduino is sure to be your favorite recipe ingredient for most of the DIY’s. This arduino powered luminous clock will definitely lighten up you room, as well as show you time in a very unique way.
#11 DIY steam clock
the working steam clock
A keen eye for creativity plus a steady head for innovative bend unquestionably equals to some amazing creation. [Audin] made this steam clock out of a salvaged pressure gauge, some LED’s and a Darlington driver chip, now that’s what I call an out of the box creation.

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